Luca Ruco Aka Dj Ruco


Luca Ruco, aka Dj Ruco, was born in Chiusi, in the province of Siena, on September 12, 1981. He made his debut in the world of dance music at the age of 13 and started working as a DJ in clubs and squares of his province and surroundings. At 18, he becomes resident DJ and artistic director of one of the historical sites of Tuscany "The Bussola Inn" of Chianciano Terme.

2001 dates back to his first recording experience with the release of his first single, "Tu sei l'unica donna per me" remix of the famous song from Alan Sorrenti; thanks to this first production, he began to be known in Italy and abroad.

In the wake of the first recording success, in 2003, he releases his second single, re-released later in 2006. The cover of one of the cult pieces of Italian music "Sarà perchè ti amo" of the group "Ricchi e Poveri" reaches the maximum popularity in the sphere of dance Maranza.

In 2004 in the studios of Radio Deejay, he knows the well-known DJ Fargetta, which immediately arises a pleasant cooperation, thanks to which it became a part of the label "My Life". And so he publishes his third single, cover of the song "Generale" by Francesco De Gregori. Within a few weeks, the album goes in the first classifications in Italy and abroad, becoming one of the most planned by radio music from Radio DJ to 105. Thanks to this new success, he is called to be part of the summer tour of Radio Company "KONTATTO", widely followed radio especially from the dance scene.

In 2006 he creates a very important work team named Montecarlo 5. This is the name of the Studio Fucecchio (Fi) where Dj Alex Terzi, Dj Ruco, Steve Love, Dj Luca B. and Mr. Black Flower The Voice work daily. The fruits of this important collaboration, not slow in coming; with the special collaboration of Dj Mario Fargetta, they publish their production "No Matter"; to "give voice" to this single, already packed with many new features, is chosen one of the revelations of 2007 voices: Mario Biondi is already gold record with his single "This is what you are".

In early 2008, he met Alessandro Deledda, quoted musician, performer and producer and owner of Delexy Record; He began working with him and his staff "Control S." formed by Stefano Chinaglia, the DJs Christopher and Stefano Brizi, the latter already well known in the world of dance for the success of the remix of "Remedios" by Gabriella Ferri. From this union was born a new project titled "Sun Love", played by the charming voice of Inusa Dawuda, known on the European scene for his achievements. In the production of the disc, finds the cooperation of the now big friend Mario Fargetta, thanks to their ten-year collaboration.

In 2010 DJ Ruco begins a series of projects: participating in several television programs, he collaborates with local radio and Italian and European networks, participates in important international conventions and meetings of all kinds even for charity. In this year he becomes the official DJ of the tour in the Italian squares: UN CAMPIONE PER AMICO, initiative promoted by Ciccio Graziani, Andrea Lucchetta, Juri Chechi and Adriano Panatta, and televised live by Sky TV, to help young people to enter the world of sports.
He decides to rely on a valid PR staff, takes care of his image through the creation of an innovative website, advertised on all social networks. Continues unabated his activities, creating his own record label named "DR RECORD" and founds a recording studio in partnership with his childhood friend Samuel Santoni, alias Samuel J, known in the dance scene thanks to the single "Oi Vita Mia". With this label he produces many emerging artists, including Fiocco di Neve, who came out in a gushing from X-Factor reality show aired on Rai 2.

In 2011 he signed an exclusive contract with the record company "Smilax Publishing" with which he recorded a new single called "Just Believe", which accompanied by a video-clip, from the cooperation and collaboration with Radio M2O and the intervention of Provenzano Dj in a few days registers thousands of views on youTube, and becomes the best summer hit on Italian radio.

In 2012 continues the race to success and he releases a new single "I Like It"; in the wake of the previous track, it is played by many radio and deejay as a real floorfiller. It is also inserted in a remix version made by Provenzano DJ, the best-selling Italian compilation, M2O Compilation Vol # 28; it really becomes the top hit of 'winter 2012.

In 2013, he produces numerous singles: May comes up with a project called Mangu "Il disco dell'Estate", the summer topper, used for group dances on the trail of the famous Giocagiue of the famous Claudio Cecchetto. In September, along with the collaboration of friend DJ Alex Barattini, he publishes a new single called "make Me Wanna" that in a few days makes the result of thousands of plays and is always a hit in the M2O Radio programming. The disc is required not only in Italy but also in France where RUCO DJ, is contacted for a tour of 20 nights. In December, as a train with no stops, he comes out with another "LR Sound" initials given by his name, the song "Another Scar": the success of this single, is not so much the Italian market, but after 3 months of publication, the success is guaranteed in Eastern Europe, reaching important positions in the standings and bringing more popularity to the artist.

In 2014 he puts aside productions and dedicates himself not only to clubs and discos, but also important Convention Companies such as Banca Generali, Banca Intesa, Television Programs, Birthdays and VIP Weddings, Advertising and Charity, for which he is always in the front row. Finally he decides to change his look: with a pair of special glasses he is always exchanged more and more for the US artist and songwriter of Cuban origin, PITBULL, enough to make him launch a Party exclusively from the name PITBULL NIGHT, where RUCO DJ exhibits with great performance, just as the true American rapper with the difference that he is only a good lookalike.

In 2015 he continues to parties and events throughout Europe with its ONE LOVE WORLD TOUR, name taken from one of the two releases this year, "ONE LOVE" by Luca Ruco & Conte Max, leading personality in clubs all over Italy. The disc was produced precisely to thank the collaboration that exists for years with this reference vocalist in good part of the artistic life of DJ Ruco. The second output is "Apnea" by Luca Ruco & Pitbull Double, to consolidate the project started in 2014, exclusive Party which takes its name from the double representing a great success around the world.

In 2016 follows a flurry of successes, he becomes resident DJ of one of the top Italian clubs located in the Romagna Riviera called : the Pasha of Riccione. He becomes DJ "guest star" of 2 very exclusive Parties of great public attraction:
PEPENERO NIGHT PARTY the exclusive format taken from the most famous sexy clubs in Europe; the second taken from a brand that needs no introduction: PLAYBOY PARTY, already present in all situations of VIP of the world's top clubs, all thanks to the great childhood friendship with the king of the night, Leonardo Dionysius, the owner of Pepenero at Milan and Riccione, a prominent figure in the show, always present in the tabloids for many successful businesses.
This year DJ Ruco does not grant any break. He meets by chance Gheri Guido, another leading figure for over 30 years in the radio landscape and beyond, founder of Radio Studio 54 and President of the National Deejay Organisation, illustrious team throughout Italy organizing events for charity appearances with 4 zeros. Gheri decides to get him in the squad of the National Organisation along with famous people of the night as Francesco Zappala, Ricky Le Roy, Provenzano DJ, Samuele Sartini, Leandro Da Silva, Simone Girasole and many others present in the network throughout Italy.

In 2017 there are many other projects and plans for this artist .... continue to follow him ... for sure he will not disappoint you !